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Pottery of David Greenbaum

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Jo and MeEvery day I take a few moments to perceive, appreciate and seek to understand beauty in the myriad of objects that abound in this life.

Defining and understanding that intangible quality remains a divine mystery and challenge for me as I look at the line of form, the surface character and quality, the color, the symmetry or asymmetry of an object; all components and contributors to its essence. If the disparate elements interact and find balance in a seamless way, perfect harmony is arrived at and the separate elements no longer exist as such; a simple oneness replaces the component parts and a singular quiet beauty emerges.

I create my pots embroiled in an exploration of these factors, striving to create work of timeless, serene beauty.


Each of my pots is hand thrown and hand carved.

The surface quality is achieved through burnishing or polishing the unfired clay surface with a smooth stone. The compacted surface particicles of clay when aligned with the polishing stone become reflective, smooth and glossy.

The coloration is a result of multiple firings including a "sagger" firing where the pots are exposed to intense carbon in the kiln atmosphere, and a smoking or pit firing where grasses are burnt in contact with the clay surface to produce variegated colors.


I have been a professional potter for 35 years and with the exception of time with my family and sometimes a day out paddling the canoe, the pursuit of making beautiful pots has been my greatest joy.